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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Jan 17, 2012 11:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Staff Requests Suggestions for 'Spotliight Item'

Monte's Taper Handbook for The Internet Archive


Several years ago, I started transferring and publishing shows I taped nearly 40 years ago. "I took my own approach" in this process...

I'm combining my firsthand experiences back then with a lot of reverse-engineering of archival materials found on the internet today. I do not own, nor have I read, any GD books. My old albums are long gone. Many of my cassette copies of them remain in excellent condition. I'm not a music critic and I try not to rank shows. Thank you "Light into Ashes" for contributing your knowledgeable musical essays.

I'm connecting elements across the internet, and threading this rich history into a tapestry as I see it — from the point of view of a Hippie-Cowboy-Trail Grub, GD lover, Taper, soundman, electronics tech, and Broadcast Engineer. I am provoking thought.
12 Hours Dark: Internet Archive vs. Censorship
Taping Equipment & Getting Started Taping
Transferring Old Tapes and Uploading to The Archive
Pitch Correction & Speed Correction issues with old tapes
Content, Copyright, and the Creative Commons attribution
Audio Streaming & Downloading Shows from The Archive
Managing a Music Library on a PC & loading music on an iPod
some info about Internet bandwidth and speed limits
The Supers(p)eed Bit Torrent Project - How-to & Update
Internet Archive's founder Brewster Kahle interviews with Amy Goodman

Grateful Dead web pages and some musical documentation

Taper's inside story about the June 1973 GD shows at RFK Stadium
The Allmans and The Dead connections
Jerry Garcia's guitar history
Jerry Garcia Discography
Pigpen — reams of talent
Phil Lesh on trumpet — his jazz tapes from 1959
Robert Hunter's boxed set — his tape collection on The Archive
Dark Star — an in-depth Master Class taught by NYC pianist Dave Frank
CBS Documentary - Hippie Temptation - 1967
Owsley Stanley — the Bear, biography
Owsley Stanley — the Bear, 1991 interview with David Gans
Sound System and The Crew
Bear speaker arrays vs Bose speaker arrays
Alembic and Ampex Corporation technical know-how
The Era of Tape Recording
Ampex invents the Video Tape Recorder in 1955
Taper's portable cassette recorders - early 1970s
Taper's "reel changes" explained
Taping the Europe '72 tour on a 16-track Ampex deck modified by Alembic
FM radio broadcasting The Dead
Grateful Dead Photography - by Jim Anderson
Grateful Dead - photo slide show - 1971 to 1974
The Grateful Dead's Early Thematic Jams
Grateful Dead acoustic sets 1969 - 1970
Grateful Dead guest appearances 1967 - 1975
Fillmore East broom closet tapes - GD & NRPS, April 1971
Grateful Dead — European Tour 1972 boxed set
Grateful Dead Forum — European Tour 1972 notebook
Grateful Dead dancing girl — Rosie McGee dances in video on 17 April 1972
Grateful Dead — Old Rennaisance Faire Grounds, Veneta, Oregon on 27 Aug 1972
Grateful Dead — Watkins Glen Summer Jam 1973
Grateful Dead — Roosevelt Stadium — Jer b'day shows in 1973
Grateful Dead — May Days 1977 and Sugaree
Grateful Dead roots and the Greenpeace connection
Grateful Dead response to the Kent State Massacre
Grateful Dead and their "Cowboy spin"
Cowboys debated
Cadre of musicians debated
Mark O'Connor unleashed at 15! Vince Gill at 18! Monte is busted sharing music!
Vassar Clements boxed set - middle 1970s taped by Monte
Sam Bush boxed set - middle 1970s taped by Monte
Vince Gill boxed set - middle 1970s taped by Monte
Scotty's Music - 1976 Int'l Steel Guitar Convention taped by Monte
Grateful Dead tape collection on The Internet Archive
Hunter's Trix boxed set - the Seamons GD Matrix collection on LMA
Grateful Dead Family Discography
Grateful Dead - songs played - graph created by Dr. Beechwood
Grateful Dead Betty Boards archive
The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
The DeadLists Project
DeadBase Online Search
Creating a new Taper's Compendium online

Keywords: Grateful Dead; RFK Stadium; Monte Barry; Bill Gadsden; Kevin Tobin; audience recording; sound boards; music collections; bit torrents; eTree trackers; The Bus; Wall of Sound; audio equipment; P A systems; sound systems; sound engineering; sound crew; Owsley Stanley; the Bear; tape recording; reel to reel; cassette decks; portable tape recorders; tapers; Alembic; Ampex; technical audio documentation; photo collection; Dead pics; downloads; live music; AUD; FOB;

Billy for President rap


Monte's Occupy Wall Street Handbook — take action & get involved
Net Neutrality discussion — with Updates
the Petition to Free artist Ai Weiwei appears to be working
Rapture? or Reality Check?
Global Warming and Climate Change discussion
Peace and Reconciliation Movement discussion
Halt the sale & planting of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready® GMO seeds
Monte's "stop doing Poudre River Trail police patrols" movie
GD photo collection - 937 images - 260 MB Zip file
Grateful Dead - "free tickets" on the LMA
Jer shooting at tapers and matrix-makers
Monte's taper highlight reel
Stop bulk-erasing our Tapes!
secret Dead twins
Trolls - go away!


Creative Commons license: Attribution — non-commercial use only.


Lost video tapes discussions

a reel of 2-inch quad videotape
compared to a miniDV videocassette
— webmaster —
420bikeandhike AT gmail dot com

Monte's "taper resume"


Monte's tapes on The Archive

GD banter track
Telluride Bluegrass Festival 1985 • Challenger Productions tapes
engineered by Glenn Hill & Monte Barry
• videotaped on one-inch reels
• June 21-23, 1985 lost video tapes details
The 12th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival -- June 21-23, 1985
Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band • John Hartford • Seldom Scene • Tony Trischka and Skyline • Hot Rize • Tony Rice • Nashville Bluegrass Band • Chris Daniels and the Kings • New Grass Revival • Doc and Merle Watson • The David Grisman Quintet • Peter Rowan and Crucial Country • Mark O’Connor • Bryan Bowers • Alaska’s Hobo Jim

Bluegrass Alliance band with Vince Gill • WDRB-TV studio tapes
produced by Monte Barry, Mike Harpring, and Steve Doss
• videotaped on two-inch quad reels
• May, 1976 lost video tapes details
Jerry Garcia Band • Duke University tapes
produced by Duke students
• videotaped on three 7-inch reels of ½" video tape, "sitting" in Duke's Archives
• April 4, 1976 lost video tapes details
European Tour 1972 • Tivolis Koncertsal • Copenhagen, Denmark
produced and engineered by a Copenhagen TV station
• videotaped on two-inch quad reels
• April 17, 1972 lost video tapes details
Important new videos coming into circulation

all of Monte's Items available on The Archive

Monte's 'retired Taper' speech:
Old Tapers never die; they just 'Not Fade Away'.
Taping is as natural to me as riding a bike.
Born to Tape in 1951 - Monte and his dad riding bikes in 1954
These days I'm still riding my bicycle all over the place.

Going to shows and Taping in the audience is like being a Trail Grub.
Monte the Trail Grub - Colorado's Mt. Columbia peak - December, 1980
These days I'm still hiking on trails all over the place.
Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian and Founder of the Internet Archive, asks:
What do we do when we hit 1M songs, 100k concerts, 5k bands on the Live Music Archive?
The Archive is giving away Free Swag Hats.
If you uploaded at least 10 shows to the LMA
Charlie Miller is awarded shnid 100,000!
The Internet Archive Statistics web page - takes a few moments to load

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Poster: splue Date: May 18, 2011 5:54pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: blondies

u would love these!!

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Poster: dfrank111 Date: May 18, 2011 6:43pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Staff Requests Suggestions for 'Spotliight Item'

Hi Monte, thank you very much for your review of my GD master class and for putting it on your page. Much appreciated:)

Blessings and keep swingin,

Dave Frank

PS - there are about 12 such classes on youtube and Ustream, all for you for nuttin:)